Well, this is very exciting.  I just found a recording of Luigi Agustoni, who literally wrote the book on the semiological performance of chant, directing the Nova Schola Gregoriana in their interpretation of the introit Spiritus Domini.  I happen to have recorded this chant myself during a live concert a while back, not with the professional singers of Euouae, but with my volunteer church choir.

This was my first attempt at using this approach with amateur singers, and it was before the publication of the Graduale Novum.  I had never heard Agustoni direct, let alone his performance of this particular chant.  Yet I can’t help but think our readings of the chant are very similar.  What do you think?

Here they are, side by side, along with the St Gall notation from Einsiedeln 121 that I used as a source (and which accounts for the few melodic differences in our performances).