Graduale Novum, 74.


Notice what happens on the first note of “quam”: the [kw] sound brings down the pitch of the following [a].  We often find discrepancies between two manuscripts in places such as this.  What one scribe hears as two pitches might actually be one, with a scoop from below.    In a modern performance, I would correct this “mistake,” but I have left it in this recording as an example of a natural tendency that may have made its way into the notation.

For this performance, I have followed the later pitch tradition found in the Graduale Novum, which gives only one note for the second syllable of “filius.”  Again, the second note might have been an artifact of the voiced “l” being placed sloppily on an adjacent pitch.

Also notice that the scribe, possibly running out of space, writes “oii” instead of “hominis.”